How life went from black and white to color!

I healed my broken body and finally found vibrant health (and you can too!)

I’m not your average nutritionist. 

I’m not going to tell you to survive on salads, smoothies and supplements. No, no. I do things much differently. And that’s because of what I discovered about health and nutrition when I was on my healing journey.


Despite my education and commitment to health, my body was falling apart. 

I spent years struggling with daily fatigue, weight fluctuations, chronic bloating and constipation, skin issues (melasma, acne, eczema, spider veins, cellulite), hormone imbalance, amenorrhea, mood swings, poor sleep, anxiety, food stress and binging, joint pain, hair loss, brain fog… the list goes on. 

I was devoted to my health and had been following all the rules, but things were only getting worse. I felt hopeless, frustrated, let down. 

Needless to say, I was desperate for a solution! 

  • Just about every diet out there (everything from vegan to carnivore)
  • Juice cleanses
  • Detox programs
  • Eliminating dairy, gluten, alcohol, meat, sugar, air
  • Calorie restriction and macro tracking
  • Eating lean, green & clean
  • Fiber, fiber, and more fiber (chia, flax, veggies galore)
  • More superfood supplements than real food
  • Probiotics, prebiotics
  • Smooth Move tea (eventually eating the tea out of the bag!)
  • The daily gallon of water
  • Working out HARD everyday (at one point clocking 98 days in a row)
  • Googling my symptoms 
  • Going from doctor to doctor (as no one had answers, nor believed me. Ever been told it’s all in your head?)
  • And let's not forget expensive lab testing and supplementation.


Despite all the education and implementation, my body was falling apart.

At times I would see a glimmer of hope in my weight, digestion or skin clearing up... but nothing lasted. It became harder and harder to heal, let alone maintain. 

I just wanted to feel good and enjoy my life without habitually thinking about what I was going to eat, what I should eat and then beat myself up for what I did eat. 

It was time for a change!

Imagine for a moment, if everything you’ve been led to believe about health and nutrition was completely ass-backwards. Imagine for a second that mainstream and government nutritional advice was based on bad science, agendas, religion and ideology - rather than well-designed studies and years of human development. 

What would that mean to you?

Looking back on all your efforts and attempts to do all the right things - eating from the rainbow, 5-10 servings of fruits and veg, low fat everything, whole grains, exercising more, eating less (but also eating every 2 hours), avoiding saturated fat and red meat… if that was the answer, you wouldn’t be here right now.

But I want you to know, it’s NOT YOU and it's NOT YOUR FAULT.

When I was at one of my lowest points in my physical and mental health, I had no choice but to challenge everything I believed to be true about health and nutrition. 

I literally had to rip up the script and throw it all out the window!

My life completely changed the day I connected the dots and realized all my symptoms were rooted in my gut, and heavily connected to my ‘healthy’ diet. I immediately shifted my focus and learned everything I could about the proper human diet and how to heal the gut. 

As a Holistic Nutritionist and Restorative Wellness Practitioner my job is to help restore balance to the body. Our bodies are intelligent, designed to be naturally self-repairing and are intended to provide us with excellent health. 

You see, symptoms are simply a representation of imbalances. 

My mission is to help ambitious women heal and restore balance to their body with simplicity and a root cause approach. My philosophy is; the more simple you make it, the more effective it becomes. I offer personalized solutions that combine animal-based nutrition, simple lifestyle habits, mindset and gut testing to identify root causes and blocking factors to healing. 

I believe the gut is the mother of the body and the starting place for stimulating your natural ability to self-repair and restore balance. 

I believe in the therapeutic effect of food. 

I believe the more simple you can make it, the more effective it becomes.

I believe feeling vibrant is your birthright!

It's time to challenge what you know to be true about nutrition and health! It’s time to take your body back!!!

If you’re tired of feeling like your body is broken… 

If you crave physical and mental freedom…

If you just want a simple and sustainable way to heal and live your most vibrant life…

Fantastic! That’s exactly what we’re doing over here in Healthy Belly Blueprint

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