Why I Trained My Body To Use Fat As Fuel

Uncategorized Mar 01, 2018

Ketosis has gotten a lot of attention lately. What's the big deal?

Well...the big deal is the benefits!

Weight loss is probably the #1 reason most people start a ketogenic practice, and is honestly what got my attention. However, when I started researching about ketosis, how to achieve it, why people use it and the benefits...I was highly impressed. I craved more information.

There is a mountain of information out there on ketosis so I will keep this part brief and basic.

The body's primary source of energy is glucose. The body brakes down foods containing carbohydrates (such as bread, pasta, quinoa, fruit, sugar) into glucose. In the absence of glucose, the body uses fat to produce small 'fuel molecules' called ketones, allowing the body to switch its fuel supply to run almost entirely on fat. It can use either stored fat or nutritional fat.

Ketosis is achieved when the body produces ketones. There are 2 ways to reach a state of ketosis: nutritional ketosis and fasted ketosis.

Fasting is said to be the fastest way to reach ketosis. By not supplying your body with food, you allow a break in the digestive system and force the body to use its stored energy, which is fat. The liver uses a process to convert fat into ketones (energy).

Nutritional ketosis is when you limit the amount of glucose you feed your body by significantly reducing carbohydrate intake. There are many versions of low carb diets. My personal preference is a customized ketogenic diet approach, which is a diet comprised of low carbohydrates, moderate protein and adequate fat. I customize this approach by experimenting with macro ratios (protein, fat and carb) that enable me to see the benefits I want.

I use both tools for receiving the benefits of ketosis. 

Some of the benefits that I personally experience are:

  • Huge decrease in weight fluctuation
  • Less hunger
  • Understanding of hunger vs appetite
  • Sustained energy
  • Significantly increased mental focus and clarity
  • Some of the best sleep I've ever had
  • Decrease in my food obsession
  • Reduced stress
  • Great skin; youthful, no breakouts, my malesma is nearly gone
  • Years of back and knee pain...gone
  • Ridiculous daily bloat...gone
  • My nails and hair have never looked better
  • The most connected to my body I've ever felt


Deeper benefits include (but not limited to):

  • Controlling type 1 diabetes
  • Reversing type 2 diabetes
  • Epilepsy treatment
  • Cancer treatment
  • Improving blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Reverse heart disease
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Reduce/treat autoimmune disease
  • Boost brain function
  • Autophagy
  • Weight loss, obesity
  • Treat migraines
  • Gut health
  • Hormone balance
  • Better body composition
  • Increased energy


I live in Tahoe and a saying among locals is, "move here for the winter but stay for the summer". I apply a similar phrase to ketosis, "start ketosis for weight loss but stay for... all the amazing benefits it has to offer".

Practicing a ketogenic lifestyle has been one of the biggest game changers in my health. I instantly started receiving the benefits and couldn't be more impressed. This is the best I have ever felt. I have found the healing benefits to be so huge that I have to share what I know. 

You can benefit from a fat-fueled metabolism. Let's work together to heal your body.















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