Approaching Health With The Scientific Method

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2018

My life lessons have always helped me figure out what I don’t want, and what I’m not willing to put up with. I felt I have always learned the hard way. 

In my health lessons, I have learned that I am not willing to put up with bloating, stressing about food, calories, weight, feeling weak, exhausted and the lack of a sex drive. I was pushing myself to the max and punishing myself with unhealthy tools such as over exercising, digestive teas, weighing myself everyday...

A lack of connection to my body and presence in my life were consequences I was no longer willing to live with.

Through self experimentation I tracked, recorded and evaluated the cause and effect of different diets and workouts. I used multiple techniques and food experiments to find out the reasons I was suffering. I found partial answers and slight changes but nothing came close to the results I experienced in my recent research and testing.

The freedom I've gained from the nutritional principles I now apply are too good not to share. I'm not looking to give you rules but rather ignite interest and inspire you to experiment with these principles.

Where I ended up...nutritional and fasted ketosis. These are not the only tools I use in healing my body, but they have been two of the most useful experiences with amazing outcomes.

How often do you find yourself saying "I wish I knew then what I know now"?

I wish I knew that I was focusing on the wrong information. I wish I would have changed my focus from weight to health, much sooner. I wish I knew how damaged my hormones were, that I needed to heal my gut and understand what foods were causing inflammation for me. I was focused on the wrong goal and the wrong information

What we have been taught by our government and health experts is not entirely true. Information that I learned in college, while earning a nutrition degree, was based on outdated and unconfirmed research.

I realized that I needed to approach my health with the scientific method.

Question everything.


Challenge what you have been taught about nutrition and the diet industry. Where did the information come from?

                                        Trade your food addiction for knowledge addiction.






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