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Hello there! I'm Elishia.        




Our bodies are intelligent and intended to provide us with excellent health. We are naturally designed to feel AMAZING!

But it's easy to miss the message, to not trust our bodies, when there is so much misinformation around nutritional advice. We trust our government and health organizations to guide us in making the best choices for our health, but you'd be surprised to know that most of what we hear is outdated or based on cherry-picked research.

I feel like a lot of us have been following it blindly. Myself included. I studied Nutrition at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and I learned a lot! Unfortunately, I've also had to unlearn a lot. 

It's time to challenge what we've been taught, what we know to be true, and take our bodies back!!!

I became a Digestive Health Coach

Because of what happened to me and what I went through. I spent years struggling with inconsistent energy, weight balance, extreme bloating, chronic constipation, skin issues (melasma, acne, eczema, spider veins), hormone imbalance, sleep, food stress, binging, joint pain, hair loss, focus, clarity…the list goes on. 

Needless to say, I was desperate for a solution! I've tried...

  • Just about every diet out there (everything from vegan to carnivore)
  • Juice cleanses
  • Detox programs
  • Eliminating dairy, gluten, alcohol, meat, sugar 
  • Restricting my calories, eating lean & green
  • Fiber, fiber, fiber...chia powder, aloe vera, more veggies than anyone I know
  • Probiotics, prebiotics
  • Smooth Move tea (at one point I ate the tea out of the bag!)
  • My water intake was on point (averaging120 oz daily)

 Let's not forget expensive lab testing (food allergy, stool samples, thyroid, metabolic panel).

I worked out HARD...EVERY DAY (at one point I clocked 98 days in a row).

At times I would see some improvement in my health, weight and digestion–but nothing lasted. I was frustrated, scared, stressed...I was tapped out and drowning.


It wasn't until my husband and I were getting ready to go on our honeymoon that I realized I couldn't keep doing this to myself. I had been working so hard (diet, exercise, research) and seeing very little, if any, results. 

I was so stressed and anxious about EVERYTHING, and I was so over it! I just wanted to enjoy my vacation without habitually thinking about what I was going to eat, what I should eat and then beat myself up for what I did eat. I was in constant turmoil. Punishing myself and hating my body. I was following all the rules, and as hard as I was working, I should have loved the way I looked.

And the times when I was somewhat satisfied with my appearance (my leanest), I felt terrible. I was exhausted, not sleeping, relying on my tea and fiber supplements. I looked old. My skin was tired. I had huge dark circles under my eyes, crows feet, and melasma all over my face. The dark spots above my lip made it look like I had a mustache. At one point the melasma was so bad that a friend tried to wipe the 'dirt' off my face. It was so embarrassing. 

But it was even more than that...I hated the way I felt.

Ashamed. Defeated. Exhausted.

I didn't want to look back on my life and see years of food stress, food obsession and body shaming. I was wasting so much precious time––my 'prime' years. And I was afraid I would never feel 'normal' again. 


It was time for a change!

Most of what I have come to master has come through years of personal experimentation, research, dedication and perseverance. My life completely changed the day I connected the dots and realized all my symptoms were rooted in my gut. I immediately shifted my focus and learned everything I could.

I learned the truth behind our food and dietary recommendations. The powerful role gut health plays in overall health, and the most effective methods for healing the body from the inside out (using food and lifestyle).

I spent so much time, energy, money, sweat and tears. It took me 9 YEARS to figure out what works, what was a complete wast of time and what was total bullshit!  But let me tell you, I feel better than I have in years. (In fact, this is the best I’ve ever felt!)


This was my game changer! 

I have finally found what works best for MY body.

Looking back, I realize my body was trying so hard to get my attention! The signs, the clues...telling me (sometimes screaming at me!)...

WAKE UP GIRL! Something isn't right!

The biggest lesson I've learned in my journey is...we are mean't to feel amazing!

Our bodies have a natural tendency, and desire, to restore balance––we are naturally designed to be self-repairing. Understanding this has been one of my most powerful tools for trusting my body.



Through struggle comes strength

"There is something great about survival in everything that you survive. There's something amazing that you learn...What is the superpower you have from that moment?" -Shaun T.

My superpower has become supporting other high-performing women who suffer from unidentified inflammation...who are deep in the belly bloat battle fields...who have tried it all and just don't know where to turn anymore.

Woman who are going through this right now! 

I've become the person I wish I had when I was in my deepest 'white flag' moments. My hope is to inspire someone who feels like their only option is to live in pain, who needs to be shown there is a way out––there is a SOLUTION.

My superpower is shouting from the rooftop... "YOU'RE MEANT TO FEEL AMAZING!"

I became a Digestive Health Coach because of what happened to me and what I went through. And a huge part of what I do is collapse time for my clients—to find the answers! (I took 9 years of torment and turned it into a 12 week SOLUTION!)

Finding the best method took so much time (I would have paid ANYTHING to be where I am now, in 12 weeks!). I want to save you time and frustration by sharing the process and system that eliminated my belly bloat, removed inflammation, balanced my hormones, normalized my digestion, created lasting energy and gave me the best sleep and skin of my life. 

There is no 'one-size fits all' when it comes to health, and great health doesn't require big sacrifices. I believe that great health can be accomplished with better information, experimentation and support.

It's time to feel amazing and enjoy great food and wine again (without the consequences!).




Elishia Coleman







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