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Reclaim Your Energy, Renew Your Focus, and Find Digestive Bliss with Personalized Functional Nutrition
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Are you tired of feeling exhausted, bloated and mentally foggy?

Have you tried countless solutions without finding answers to your gut questions?

Leave behind the frustration of doctors dismissing your concerns and "normal" lab results that don't reflect how you truly feel. Don't accept a life where fatigue, bloating, difficult bowel movements, brain fog, and the constant guessing game of what suits your body become the norm.

Through targeted strategies, advanced lab testing, and expert guidance, we'll delve into your unique needs and create a personalized roadmap, making vibrant health your effortless and natural state. 

It's time to rewrite your story, heal your body, and embrace the life you deserve.

Gut Healing Services

Your personalized guide to healthy digestion, more energy and mental clarity!


Signature Gut

Healing Program

Gain a deeper understanding of your symptoms and their root causes with our Signature Gut Healing Program — the first step in lasting gut healing. Through functional lab testing, one-on-one gut healing coaching, education and support, we offer a personalized wellness program to optimize your health.

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Gut Reset Course

Kickstart your gut-health journey with the 30-Day Gut Reset — our gut-healing course designed to introduce you to step-by-step nutritional strategies that deliver real results. Gain the tools and confidence to make informed dietary choices, taking charge of your wellbeing, optimizing gut health and unleashing boundless energy.

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Symptom Burden 


The Healthy Belly Fix Symptom Burden Assessment will help you assess your symptoms to unveil the areas where your body needs the utmost support. With your results in hand, I'll guide you through understanding your symptoms and provide expert insights on addressing the findings.

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Client Love

Jillian G.

“I can’t tell you enough how much this program has changed my life and how much happier I am. I’m not miserable anymore. I wake up ready to face the day now -- not going through the motions like I was before. This has been the best program! I have more energy to get through the day, I don't need caffeine or sugar in the middle of the afternoon.”

Piper W.

“I would recommend this program for ANYBODY. Anybody who is experiencing the same mental or emotional imbalance or wants to just change their relationship with food. Food is so much more simplified for me now. I was really worried that it was going to be complicated and time consuming because I have a lot going on… a busy life. I didn’t have the motivation or the desire to participate in life as much. And this has completely, racidally, changed that!”

Desiree M.

“After 12 years of pain and misdiagnosis, a lot of wasted time and money on diets, test, doctors and supplements that never helped, I finally found someone who finally gave a damn about helping me feel better. I have a new appreciation for food and feel in control of my health for the first time in years. I feel like I’m in my 20’s again!”


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