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Decode Your Symptoms And Uncover The ROOT CAUSES

Supporting women who've been dismissed and burned by conventional / mainstream methods

Work With Me
Work With Me

The traditional medical system is broken and corrupt

The new model of health doesn't have to be like the current one. You are not below your doctor. You are not your diagnosis. And medication is not the only way to heal. 

  • You had the physical and mental energy to be present and enjoy life
  • You woke up feeling refreshed, rested and energized
  • You could decode and understand your symptoms
  • You felt balanced, confident and in control of your body

Rather than googling your symptoms, researching what supplements to take and what types of foods may or may not be good for you?


Work With Me

People don't just get sick for no reason

We will always be taking supplements and dealing with recurring infections if we don't get to the ROOT CAUSE. Symptoms are present because the body is trying to clear something out (pathogens and poisons). Prescribing a pill is easy. Getting to the root cause takes work.  


I'm on a mission to change the way we do healthcare!

I am all too familiar with being burned, let down and dismissed by conventional approaches to health. I'm here to disrupt that model! 

Instead, health is a partnership with your practitioner. You're on the same level and an active participant in your healing process.  

As your Gut Health Practitioner, I offer personalized solutions to help you uncover the root cause of your symptoms, reconnect to your body's higher intelligence and achieve physical and mental freedom!



Work With Me

By the way... my energy is going through the roof! 

Desiree M.

"My digestion has been really great! I can't say how happy I am that I don't have diarrhea anymore. I didn't even realize how much it affected my life. I'm so happy those days are gone! I'm so stoked with the results!"

Kelly K.

“I can’t tell you enough how much this program has changed my life and how much happier I am."

Jillian G.

“So many physical changes, of course. But the mental changes have been profound! The brain fog cleared up almost instantaneously."

Piper W.

Understanding the root cause allows your body to finally heal

Optimal for you is not just better digestion and more energy, but one day you will have the capacity to fly and to thrive in new ways you never thought possible before

Let's Do This!

Gut Health Starter Guide

It’s never just one thing, right? There are multiple elements, and therefore layers, to healing.

In this free guide I share my top 6 tips for getting your gut health on point!

{hint: it's more simple than you think!}