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Feeling Good Is Your Birth Right!

I'm on a mission to help high-performing women liberate themselves from BLOAT, IBS & ANXIETY (without giving up delicious food & wine forever!)

Welcome Friend! 

I'm Elishia..

For the longest time, my BIGGEST FEAR was I would never feel normal again.

I constantly battled nausea, inconsistent energy, weight, chronic bloating, digestive malfunctions, skin issues, crazy hormones, sleep irregularities, food stress, anxiety, mental focus, clarity…the list goes on. 

It took me 9 years to learn to ROOT of it all, how to fix it, and that I had so much more control than I realized!

It all starts with the gut. (And it's easier than you think!)  

Check out my story here.

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What's at the top of your discomfort list right now? 

My mission is to help you FEEL LIKE YOU AGAIN!!! And I want to start at the top of your list.

So tell me...what's going on?

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(P.S. Your voice just might help someone who isn't ready to speak up yet.)

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My 5-Step Formula to Reduce Inflammation, Deflate Belly Bloat and Heal Digestion

(Without Giving Up Delicious Food & Wine Forever!)

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You're Naturally Designed To Feel AMAZING!

It's time to fix the ROOT PROBLEM...your belly.

Using Nutrition & Lifestyle as medicine, you CAN heal your gut!

I get it...quick fixes, band-aid protocols and nutritional dogma is so overwhelming. Plus, you've been dealing with it for as long as you can's become normal!

If you're ready to SOLVE belly bloat, joint pain, anxiety, look & feel like yourself again... you're ready for The Healthy Belly Fix™ For Foodies.

Book a totally FREE consultation with me! It's time for a NEW NORMAL my friend.

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Want To Master Cravings, Weight and Bloat? 

In this FREE Guide, I'm dishing my exact 5-step formula for healing your gut (without giving up food and wine forever!)

Nutritional Diversity

Welcome to a community that supports nutritional healing.

Find your nutritional sweet spot with information, techniques and experimentation...your body is unique and designed to treat you well.

You're meant to feel amazing.

Check out the principles I use as healthy tools to feeling the best I've ever felt.

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Be A Nutritional Rule Breaker

Following ‘diets’ have programmed us to not trust our bodies. Where did this advice come from?

Be a nutritional rule breaker! Make your eating habits and choices by design and not by rules.  

Want to have a happy and healthy life? Ready to feel AMAZING?

It ALL starts with your BELLY! Take back your health and find body balance. Sign up to be a part of a community that supports nutritional diversity and finding the root problem.


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