3 Simple (Baby) Steps for Easy Nutrition

nutrition protein Apr 19, 2024
Simple nutrition tips for women to make eating easy, fun and tasty again!

The longer I’m in the health space, the more I realize that people REALLY LOVE to complicate things. Especially when it comes to nutrition. And I totally get it. There’s so much conflicting advice, opinions, agendas… people don’t even know how much water to drink anymore. 


I've witnessed too many women driving themselves crazy, hopping on the latest diet fads, and endless cycles of food elimination. Frankly, it's exhausting and unsustainable. Don't you agree?


Sure, there are foods we should steer clear of, but I'm all about prioritizing nourishment and abundance over restriction and resistance.


So today let’s untangle a knot, and start with some simple (baby) steps.



Protein is, hands-down, the most important macronutrient! When you get this piece down, the rest truly starts to fall into place.

Look for high-quality sources like beef, chicken, pork, fish, eggs and some dairy.

A solid starting goal? Aim for at least 30 grams of protein per meal, which is roughly equivalent to 6-8 oz of meat.

Choose proteins as the bulk of your diet, and fill in the rest with fresh produce. 

Time to meat up, ladies!


Protein Perks: 

  • Keeps you feeling full and satisfied
  • Helps regulate appetite
  • Kicks cravings and emotional eating to the curb
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Aids in body composition
  • Supports stable blood sugar levels
  • Provides essential amino acids for repair and recovery
  • Plus, it's downright delicious!



Give your body nutrients it understands – foods that don’t need a food label, like fruits and veggies. Ya know, things that come from nature.

Seems simple enough, right?

But I get that we live in a world of convenience (which isn't always so convenient for our health goals), so I want to give you a strategy there too…

When buying packaged foods, always check the ingredients list. If you can't pronounce it or don't recognize it, maybe your body won't either. Aim for four or fewer ingredients—keep it simple.




This looks like 3-4 MEALS per day. Ideally without snacking. If you need a snack in the beginning, no biggy. Just use it as a sign that your body is asking for more protein or food overall, at meal time, and then nail it the next meal. 

No, sad salads, granola bars or string cheese isn’t going to cut it. We’re talking sitting down with a plate of food – a nice juicy steak, some sweet potatoes and maybe a fun herby sauce like chimichurri.

It’s important to eat enough food overall, each day. Under-eating is a stressor on the body and will lead to increased cortisol, using up more mineral resources, poor adrenal and thyroid health, and will trigger cravings, energy dips and poor sleep. Remember, the female body must feel safe to heal. 

Appetites were not designed to test your will-power! So don’t limit your food. Eat as much as you need to feel satisfied. And if you’re following the protein tip above your food quantity will naturally balance out. 


Start here^^ and I guarantee you’ll notice a huge difference within the week. 

The goal is to feel more comfortable just getting started. It doesn’t have to be this perfect thing up front, but with practice, you’ll get better and better, and closer and closer to your goals.

Keep It Super Simple! The more simple you make it, the more effective it becomes.

Let it be easy, and stick to the basics. 

Once you’ve got that down, then you’re ready to optimize. 

And trust me…you’ll be ready and wanting to.

Because, honestly, feeling good is straight up addicting.

And once you start that fire, you’ll never want to put it out.


If you're hungry for more tips like these, along with some tasty recipes, check out my free Gut Glow Up guide for an effortless plan!