Why Eating More Protein Will Solves All Your Problems

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Protein is your secret weapon to firing up your metabolism, having more energy, less bloat and a healthy body physique.

If you want to see the results of your efforts, you MUST eat adequate protein, DAILY. Whether it's gym time, biohacking, gut protocols, supplements, meal prepping… focusing on protein ONLY can bring REAL progress and results.

I’m currently loving the changes in my body I’ve seen in the last few months. Way better body composition, more energy, happy mood and just my overall positive outlook on life.bThis year, my focus has been on healing my metabolism and getting strong AF. The results really came when I stopped focusing on skinny and started focusing on STRONG. 


My strategy?





Q: Not sure where to start?

A: Nail your protein


Adequate Protein Will 100% Change Your Life!

Protein is your secret weapon to firing up your metabolism, having more energy, less bloat and a healthy body physique. 

Protein, particularly from animal foods (meat), provides a complete source of protein (amino acids) — aka all the building blocks for your hormones, immune system, building and repair. 

This is how you actually see the results from all the other things you do for your health.  Results like more energy, better digestion, less bloat, lean body composition, better sleep, mental clarity… and, dare I say, a body that shows all that hard work you put in towards your health!


Here's How Protein Solves All Your Problems:

This is how you'll see the difference (that others notice too): 

✔️ Boosts metabolism — don’t let “I’m getting older” be an excuse to not feel lit up! 

✔️ Improves muscle mass — which happens to be the main benefit to looking toned and fit.

✔️ Balance blood sugar -– If you aren’t balancing your blood sugar, your hormones will be shit.

✔️ Supports healing & repair -– your gut, joints, skin, muscles… the whole shebang.

✔️ Keeps you feeling full and satisfied — let go of weird food rules like filling up on water and tricking yourself into eating less.

✔️ Helps regulate appetite — appetites were designed to test your will power.

✔️ Eliminate cravings and emotional eating –– bc you actually feel in control your body.

✔️ Make your hormones happy — think easy periods, stable blood sugar, and happy moods. No more highs and lows, just even keeled.

✔️ Plus, it's downright delicious! Like waaaayyy tastier than a freaking rice cake or a bowel of quinoa. 


Just sayin’…

It’s a hell of a lot easier to actually see the results of all your hard work when you’ve got this cornerstone dialed. 

And once you do… everything changes. 

Everything else falls into place much more easily.

And all that other stuff you do? Way more effective. The cherry on top🍒

Time to meat up, ladies🥩


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