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With Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) 


What's Included

Minerals play a very important role in supporting your gut health and energy levels, because they impact every single cell of your body!


In fact, they are commonly referred to as the spark plugs of the body because nothing can help happen without them.

That's why I love using HTMA!

Our HTMA Package allows us to dive deep into your gut health journey by looking at how your body's energy systems are out of balance and how to use specific nutrition and diet to correct it. 

This package is a great way to start your gut healing with a customized nutritional roadmap.

Imagine Life With a Healthy Gut...

🤍 Start your day with boundless energy, embracing lively moments and quality time with loved ones.

🤍 Experience carefree digestion, leaving behind bloating and bathroom battles for stress-free, automatic relief.

🤍 Say goodbye to diet stress, developing a chill vibe with food and know exactly what your body needs.

🤍 Welcome balanced hormones and a confident body, embracing strength and tone.

🤍 Boost mental clarity and positivity without the crutch of caffeine, becoming a natural motivation marvel.

🤍 Craft a lifestyle you love with easy, breezy habits, shedding health hassles to fully engage in the joy of life.

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What is Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) ?

✔️ This simple, at-home hair collection offers insights into mineral and heavy metal accumulation over the past 8-12 weeks, so there are no daily fluctuations.

✔️ HTMA can provide specific information about your metabolic and nutrition status, including the effects of diet, supplementation, stress, toxic metal exposure and inherited minerals patterns.

✔️ The best part? HTMA offers us the exact roadmap YOUR body needs for personalized nutrition interventions.

What HTMA Can Tell You About Your Body

Metabolic Rate

How quickly your body breaks down and uses energy from food, impacting your body composition, energy levels, and digestive function. 

Mineral Status 

Minerals are the 'spark plugs' of the body because nothing can help happen without them –– digestion, energy, hormones, brain function and more! 

Hormone Balance

A unique window into blood sugar, adrenal and thyroid activity which can help explain why your body feels sluggish, bloated or stuck.  

Custom Nutrition 

HTMA can show exactly what nutrients your body has too much or too little of and the perfect fuel mix (macronutrients) that keeps your body running at its best. 

What's Included in Your HTMA Package


  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test (HTMA)

  • In depth health intake + 3 day food analysis

  • Recorded 20-30 minute video (only) walking you through your results in detail. This recording will serve as a valuable resource that you can refer back to at any time.

  • Personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.

  • Specialty custom supplemental plan based on your HTMA results, to be followed up to 3 months. 

  • 2 weeks messenger support to ensure you have all your questions answered.

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$249 HTMA Package

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