Is Stress Secretly Sabotaging your Digestion?

bloat fatigue gut health gut testing htma testing Jan 06, 2024

In a world teeming with toxins, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and afraid. As a powerhouse Type A woman, constantly navigating the demands of an intense, productive lifestyle, you might have tried it all – diets, workouts, supplements – only to find your gut in perpetual turmoil. But here's the revelation: the #1 toxin wreaking havoc on your digestive health is not found in the air, water, or food; it's stress.


Stress Addiction and Gut Issues 

Stress wears many masks – physical, mental, and emotional. In a burnout state, your body lacks the reserves to combat infections, balance blood sugars, and maintain optimal mineral levels. This imbalance creates a demanding scenario within your body and can throw critical systems like immune, detox, hormone, and gut function off balance.


So many of my clients, self included, are no strangers to pushing the limits. And this pursuit of excellence often leads to a stress / cortisol addiction – more workouts, more tasks, more detox challenges, looking for the next thing. When you’re in this cortisol addiction pattern it can be hard to slow down, or even know how to relax, because you’re craving a boost in any way possible. You’re used to always go go go! 


The irony is that our compulsive drive for more is counterproductive. These kinds of stressors signal "danger" to your body and, unknowingly, this is majorly sabotaging your progress. 


When in a burnout pattern, one or two relaxing days is not going to solve the problem. This must become an intentional shift in lifestyle changes.


The Basics Matter Most: The female body operates best when it feels SAFE

In the midst of our intense lives, the solution might not lie in extremes but in the basics. The female body thrives in a safe, balanced environment, not in the perpetual frenzy of overdoing it. 


When you’re burned out and trying to do more, you're burning through minerals at an accelerated rate, creating a demanding scenario within your body, calling for additional energy to compensate and adapt. This increased demand hinders your body's innate ability to self-heal. 


The body's primary objective is survival, prioritizing essential functions over secondary concerns like weight loss, easy digestion, or thyroid happiness. These aspects take a back seat as the body strategically preserves energy for vital functions. So, as you tirelessly burn the candle at both ends – whether through intense workouts, drastic dietary changes or stacking your to do list – your body, focused on survival, moves in the opposite direction. Despite your efforts, you might find yourself feeling fatigued, bloated, and far from your wellness goals.


Rather than reaching for the next challenge or detox package, focus on building a foundation of quality sleep, balanced nutrition, daily movement, and genuine relaxation. These, more than anything, are the keys to sustained well-being.

Correct Your Stress Pattern and Gut Health With Functional Lab Testing

If you're a data geek like me and know that seeing results is the ultimate motivation, or if there's that nagging feeling that there's more to uncover, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is that eye opening proof your body is asking for help. 


HTMA provides a unique lens into your stress patterns, revealing how your body responds. It's not just a notification that says, "Hey, you're stressed." Instead, it provides a detailed breakdown of YOUR stress patterns, pinpointing which minerals are depleted and contributing to persistent issues like exhaustion, bloating, and sluggish bowels.  


What's truly fascinating is the moment you see these patterns on a functional test like HTMA, it's like a light bulb flickering to life. It's that affirmation of what you've sensed deep down, now backed by concrete proof that stress is a major contributor to your symptoms. The best part? It’s also the secret sauce to tailor-fitting recommendations that show you exactly how to fix it. 


This isn't merely a step; it's the cornerstone for health. Think improved digestion, increased energy, enhanced mood, balanced hormones – the works!  


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