Signature Gut Healing Program

Gain a deeper understanding of your symptoms and their root causes with our Signature Gut Healing Program — the first step in lasting gut healing. Through functional lab testing, one-on-one gut healing coaching, education and support, we offer a personalized wellness program to optimize your health.

What's Included

Heal Years of Gut Issues With Functional Lab Testing, Coaching and Education

Our Signature Gut Healing Program allows us to dive deep into your gut health journey, addressing all aspects of your well-being. Addressing health from a root-cause perspective takes time and commitment, and this package is a great way to start your gut healing.

In our experience, our clients typically need one month of healing per year of gut issues they've experienced. By combining functional lab testing reviews, personalized guidance, education and ongoing support, we'll work together to optimize your gut health.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You've dealt with uncomfortable gut issues for years.
  • You don't have daily, consistent bowel movements.
  • You experience bloating, belching, gas or heartburn.
  • You have constipation and/or diarrhea.
  • You have low energy, mood swings, poor sleep and brain fog.
  • You feel scared to eat because don’t know how your stomach will react.
  • You constantly feel stressed out and drained by food, unable to maintain a satisfied feeling.
  • Your body feels off –– like your skin, hair, immune system and hormones. 

If you're struggling with any of these symptoms and you're looking for healing and relief, our Signature Gut Healing Program is right for you!

Start Testing Your Gut

What's Included in This Gut-Health Program


✔️ In depth understanding of your unique body

✔️ Personalized nutrition and lifestyle guidance

✔️ Custom supplements based on your lab results

✔️ Comprehensive Blood Analysis

✔️ Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

✔️ Follow up support

✔️ Access to all the resources you need 


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) 

This simple, at-home hair collection offers insights into mineral and heavy metal accumulation over the past 8-12 weeks, so there are no daily fluctuations. And, as the perfect complement to blood analysis, HTMA shows what's going on OUTSIDE of the cell (tissue). The best part? HTMA offers specific insights about your metabolic and nutrition status, giving us the exact roadmap your body needs for personalized nutrition interventions.


What HTMA Can Tell You About Your Body

Metabolic Rate

How quickly your body breaks down and uses energy from food, impacting your body composition, energy levels, and digestive function. 

Mineral Status 

Minerals are the 'spark plugs' of the body because nothing can help happen without them –– digestion, energy, hormones, brain function and more! 

Hormone Balance

A unique window into blood sugar, adrenal and thyroid activity which can help explain why your body feels sluggish, bloated or stuck.  

Custom Nutrition 

HTMA can show exactly what nutrients your body has too much or too little of and the perfect fuel mix (macronutrients) that keeps your body running at its best. 


Comprehensive Blood Analysis 

Blood analysis is the global healthcare standard which offers valuable insights into what's going on INSIDE the cell. We take a comprehensive view at multiple body systems, such as adrenal and thyroid function, blood sugar, nutrient levels, kidney and liver function, inflammation, and more. We test over 90+ markers to gain a full picture of your overall health.


What Blood Analysis Can Tell You About Your Body

Blood Sugar

How your body responds to your diet, lifestyle and stressors. Balance here is one of the first steps to supporting energy, digestion, hormones, mood, hunger sleep and more!

Nutrient Status 

Key markers for vitamins and minerals offer insights into potential deficiencies, dietary imbalances, digestive function and how to best support your body.

Organ Function

Systems like the immune system, liver, kidneys, and thyroid offers a snapshot of how well your body is functioning as a whole, shedding light on digestion, detoxification, hydration status, and metabolism.

Inflammation & Infections

These can be big contributors to digestive issues such as gas, bloating, constipation, or diarrhea, ultimately draining your energy levels.


Start Your Gut Healing Journey with Functional Lab Testing

Signature Gut Healing Program 

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