Peak Energy & Mental Clarity

Wake up feeling refreshed, rested and energized. Achieve physical and mental freedom so you can be present, enjoy life, and get shit done!

Healthy Digestion

Free up the sluggish digestion and bloat that’s weighing you down. Get those toxins out of your body so you feel vibrant again! Healthy poops = a less toxic you. 

Food Freedom

Enjoy easy, healthy eating habits you can keep forever! Knowing exactly what to eat to feel good means food is no longer draining and taking up valuable space in your mind!  


  • Are you tired of white-knuckling your diet and dragging yourself through the day?
  • Are you stuck in survival mode, defaulting to convenience… riding on adrenaline and caffeine?
  • Do you want to have the physical energy and the mental space to focus on your passions, rather than researching what supplements to take or what types of foods may or may not be good for you?

Learn How To:


✔️ Effectively fuel your brain and body

✔️ Structure every meal with ease and what an ideal diet looks like

✔️ Create nutritional balance and routine 

✔️ Identify dietary root causes of bloat, brain fog and fatigue

✔️ Be in charge of your cravings, appetite, mood and energy 

✔️ Cultivate a healthy relationship with food

✔️ Nourish by conscious decision rather than default

✔️ Create healthy habits you can keep forever


I’m not your average Gut Health Practitioner. 

I’m not gonna tell you to survive on salads, smoothies, and supplements. Nope, I do things much different over here.

I believe simplicity + strategy = results

My philosophy is "the more simple you can make it, the more effective it becomes". No one has time for macro calculations, complicated recipes, and fancy equipment to put a meal together. This is real life over here! 

You deserve to feel good about your eating decisions so you can spend that mental energy on getting shit done and having fun! 

As your Gut Health Practitioner, I’ll help you uncover the root cause of your symptoms, nail nutrition like a boss, and create a sustainable lifestyle you love! My job is to help you heal and restore balance to your body -- for good!



Underlying causes of bloat, fogginess and fatigue are pathogenic infections and toxic overload! But… before we can even begin to address these we’ve got to get you to baseline.

That means your mindset is healthy and your nutrition is on point. And that’s exactly what we’re doing here in Healthy Belly Nutrition!


I totally get it. Life is busy and super demanding. Between running a business and supporting everyone else... it’s easy to get stuck in survival mode.

But we both know that’s not thriving! And it’s holding you back from making the impact you want to make.

I’ve laid out a step-by-step blueprint with a strong emphasis on ease and simplicity. All you need is one hour a week and you’ll have tools for a lifetime! 


Digestion starts in the brain. We’ll talk about reprogramming your mindset and adopting simple techniques to support healthy digestion and how to interpret clues your body is leaving you.


Learn how to nail nutrition like a boss! Rather than focus on “what to avoid”, you’ll learn exactly what to prioritize to get the most out of your nutrition. This module is all about abundance of nutrients over restriction.


Discover your nutrient blockers. Become aware of what you’re eating and how that affects your brain and body. These are the toxic foods keeping you bloated, foggy, fatigued and driving your cravings. (Most of these will naturally see themselves out.)


Get the low-down on exactly how nature intended you to thrive! This is the truth about plant-based foods, how they harm your gut and prevent you from reaching your goals. I’ll show you exactly how to incorporate them!


Now that you've established a solid nutritional base, learn how to optimize with food quality. Identify common food contaminants that are wrecking your gut and perpetuating symptoms. 


Become a master of nutritional balance and intuition. Learn how to navigate roadblocks, keep yourself accountable and regroup when life happens. Plus, you'll get a clear roadmap of where to go next in your healing journey.

Modules are dripped out weekly with a simple action item so you can implement step-by-step without overwhelm!

Piper W.

So many physical changes, of course. But the mental changes have been profound! The brain fog cleared up almost instantaneous. This isn’t a one-and-done program. Elishia really sets you up for sustained change…  sustainable transformation. Things that are so easy, you can’t not do it."

Jillian G.

"Since I've gotten my health on track I feel like clients are attracted to my vibe now. I feel like everything's falling into place because of my health and it's overflowing into everything in my life! When you feel good then good things happen. I can’t tell you enough how much this program has changed my life and how much happier I am." 

Is a 6 week DIY course to help you get your mindset and nutrition on point to unlock all day energy and brain power!


(one & done)


3 x $144



Healthy Belly shopping list, recipe & meal ideas, travel and dining out guide, food quality guide & mindset mini-trainings! 


Lifetime access to all future updates!


$298 PIF
$111 x 3

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Want A Hands-On Approach???

When it comes to learning and integrating new skills, accountability and support is a game changer! It eliminates the effort and time you spend on distracting activities, destructive behavior and trains your brain to focus on progress!

With accountability and support you are able to achieve MORE in every possible outcome!

1:1 Coaching

Personalized action plans, one-on-one support and accountability. 

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Voxer Coaching

Unlimited, on-demand support and accountability. 

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Meet Kelly...

“Upon week 2, I started seeing major improvements in bloating and sleep quality. I’ve been sleeping the best that I’ve slept since I can remember."