A deep dive into health history, nutrition, lifestyle and possible toxins or pathogens that may be blocking healing. This is a 2 part session which provides a unique insight into your health and a plan of action.

This is for you if you're ready to have an outside perspective and understanding of your root causes and how to address them.

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Testing Options


Bioresonance Testing: Comprehensive scan to identify stressed systems of the body, nutrient deficiencies, sensitivities, hormones, toxins and infections. 

Total Tox Burden + OAT: Tests the body for mold, mycotoxins, environmental toxins, heavy metals, yeast, bacteria, nutritional markers and metabolism.

Bloodwork: Basic bloodwork can reveal a lot about what's stressing the body, hormones, deficiencies and possible infections. 

Stool Analysis: Shows a snapshot of what's happening in the gut: infections, gut function and immunity. 

Food Sensitivity: Food sensitivities are major drivers of inflammation and gut stress. This is the big picture of what foods are blocking healing for YOU.


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6 week DIY course focusing on setting the stage for deeper gut healing by improving physical and mental energy, digestion and immune strength through animal-based nutrition. 

This is a really great place to start if you’re struggling with low energy, digestive symptoms and want to understand how to best nourish your brain and body. 1:1 support and accountability available.

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This is how we stop chasing symptoms and finally have ANSWERS!  

We’ll be able to go straight to the root cause and collapse time in your healing journey.

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Gut Health Starter Guide

Looking to just get your toes wet in the gut healing pool? I invite you to check out this free resource that touches on the 6 main blocking factors to healing, plus recommendations for each.


Hi! I'm Elishia. I'm on a mission to guide others to self-health mastery!

I am all too familiar with being burned, let down and dismissed by conventional medicine and nutrition. Which is why I've dedicated my energy to helping others uncover the ROOT CAUSE of their symptoms. I'm here to be disruptive in the way we address health and wellness.

I believe feeling vibrant is your birthright!

As your Gut Health Practitioner, I offer personalized solutions to help you uncover the root cause of your symptoms, nail nutrition like a boss, and achieve the physical and mental freedom you deserve!