Root Cause Deep Dive

Are you ready to understand your body? Do you want to change your relationship with your health?

One-on-one is designed for the deep detective work to understanding exactly what’s going on in your body, what’s blocking you from healing and how to realign with your body's higher intelligence. This is the most popular way to get started...





We’ll look at everything that’s going on in your body - not just current symptoms, but everything that could be related.


Next we’ll complete the picture with functional lab testing to look at what's going on "under the hood"; how your body is functioning on a chemical level.




Once we understand what pieces need to be in place, I'll create a customized plan for exactly what’s going on in your body and restore you back to a well-functioning body. 

Your body is sending you signals of what you need to do to change your life. 

My role is to help you decode those signals and create a customized plan for restoring balance. 
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Understanding the root cause allows your body to finally heal

Optimal for you is not just better digestion and more energy, but one day you will have the capacity to fly and to thrive in new ways you never thought possible before

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"I'm so glad we got to work with you when we did. It's been the catalyst of so many new things. I'm feeling better than I have in YEARS! I can't even remember the last time I felt this good. We're forever grateful for your help and this program!"

- Jen G

“Before HBB I was overweight, had bad stomach aches all the time, constantly felt sick and had major headaches, daily (which I was taking medication for). But I was able to solve it! I actually did it and was able to overcome a fear and being uncomfortable. The support that you have when you are craving the foods you have eaten for so long, having questions answered when you are not sure why you are doing something… I don’t think I would have been able to do this without the support and coaching.”

- Katrina T.

“Feeling good in your body makes every other area of your life feel good too. It has spilled over into every area of my life. My family, my kids, my work - EVERYTHING!”

- Jillian G.

“I would recommend this program for ANYBODY. Anybody who is experiencing the same mental or emotional imbalance (I was) or wants to just change their relationship with food. Food is so much more simplified for me now. I was really worried that it was going to be complicated and time consuming, because I have a lot going on… a busy life. I didn’t have the motivation or the desire to participate in life as much. And this has completely, racidally, changed that!”

- Piper W.