Is Your Thyroid Behind Your Sluggish Digestion and Bloat?

constipation gut health thyroid Apr 02, 2024

Do you find yourself struggling with constipation and bloating? Your sluggish thyroid might be the sneaky culprit. Let's dive into why your thyroid and gut are best buddies and how you can support them naturally.


The Thyroid Is Your Guts Best Friend 

The thyroid gland resides in the neck and is part of the endocrine (hormone) system. Its primary role is to regulate metabolism and energy production.

Metabolism is basically how fast or slow processes in the body function, like digestion, hormone function, immunity, detoxification, sex drive, healing and repair. 

If thyroid hormone is low then metabolism is slow –– and none of the cells of the body will do what they need to do effectively. For example, constipation (sluggish bowels) is the result of a sluggish metabolism of gut. Ya with me? 

We need optimal function of thyroid hormone to have health in general, but especially for healthy and regular poos!


Signs of a Sluggish Thyroid

Almost all of my clients who come to me with bloating and constipation also have a sluggish thyroid. But those symptoms are typically not alone. 

Here’s some other common signs of sluggish thyroid:

  •  Struggling w/ constipation and bloat
  •  Picking up weight like it's nothing
  •  Burying your endlessly cold hands and feet in your hubbys warms spots
  •  Rarley breaking a sweat
  •  Desperately needing a 3pm nap just to make it to dinner
  •  Require an excessive amount of sleep to function properly
  •  Dry skin and / or hair, no matter how much you moisturize
  •  Can’t find your motivation for, well, anything
  •  Eyebrows getting a bit thin, but it’s not staying on your head either
  •  Not feeling as sharp as you used to — like why is my phone in the fridge? 
  •  Sex drive seemed to stay in college
  •  Your body is just not in a place to handle a pregnancy
  •  Like the worst periods, ever!
  •  Avoiding your Dr’s statin rec bc your cholesterol keeps creeping up


Having a light bulb moment right about now? Surprised your thyroid can influences so much? Like I said, the thyroid regulates how fast or slow your body functions –– brain, circulation, other hormones, and of course, digestion. 

If you're checking several of these boxes it can be really helpful to consider testing. A full thyroid panel (not just TSH and T4) and a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) reveal the full picture. It's not just about numbers; it's about understanding if thyroid hormones are effectively reaching cells. I include both of these in my Signature Gut Healing Program. 


But, Why Tho?

Before you start throwing "thyroid supplements" at the problem, it's important to figure out WHY your thyroid is struggling in the first place.

99% of the time thyroid problems are secondary to something else. For example: 

  • Hormones 
  • Infections 
  • Inflammation / oxidative stress
  • Nutrients 
  • Medications
  • Stress

It's usually not a thyroid problem, it’s a cell problem. And in most cases, it's not just one factor but a combination of issues. Everything in the body is interconnected. Symptoms are merely the reflection that some things are off in the body, and addressing these factors collectively can help improve thyroid function, and therefore, bowel function and overall health.


Supporting Your Thyroid Naturally

Two of the most overlooked nutritional deficiencies with hypothyroid issues: protein and calories.

If your eating habits resemble that of a baby bird, your body might lack the necessary nutrients for normal bodily functions, including digestion.

Think of it like this: when your tank (food intake) is low, your body conserves energy by slowing down metabolism — cue weight loss stalls and compromised digestion. It prioritizes essentials like breathing over less urgent tasks.

My highest recommendations:

  1. Consume adequate protein from animal-food sources. This adds a nice bonus of vitamins and minerals needed to support the thyroid too. 
  2. Eat full meals. No, string cheese and a meat stick are not a meal.
  3. Eat breakfast. Running on adrenaline and caffeine are doing your thyroid no favors, sweetheart. 


Ok ladies, let's meat up and if you need some help figuring how much your body needs –– and some delicious recipes –– explore my Protein Masterclass. 🍽️💪